Dog Photoshoot

Animal Photography 101: How Paislee Rose Photography Can Help Your Next Dog Photoshoot!

As of 2017, there were more than 11,400 ranches in the state of Wyoming. As one of the top states in the country for ranching and farming, it stands to reason that we would have a ton of animal lovers! Here at Paislee Rose Photography, my goal is to provide the top dog photoshoot and animal photography needs for pet owners, ranchers, and cattle breeders alike. In fact, you can depend on my work for all of your ranch coverage needs.

How can professional animal photography help elevate your ranch or breeding business?

Winning Animal Photography Services at Paislee Rose Photography!

As an animal lover and someone who grew up on a ranch just outside of Casper, it has always been a dream of mine to provide animal photography services to those in need. A camera lover since I was a child, I have spent my entire life honing my skills to provide the absolute best dog photoshoot and animal photography services.

My two primary avenues of work are as follows.

  • Puppy Pictures - Our beloved dogs are only puppies for a brief period of time. For breeders, I can help to perfectly capture the personality of their litter to aid in their adoption efforts. Additionally, I offer pet portraits so that you can keep a memory of your pet close to your heart and in your home. You can head to my Booking Online page to learn more about these services!

  • Ranch Coverage - Ranchers have plenty to handle on their own, so we understand if they can't find time to photograph their cattle or livestock. My professional ranch coverage is informed by years of experience as well as my own knowledge and time spent on ranches. Take some time to look at my Steer Head Branding and Wild Horses coverage for an idea as to what this service entails.


Are you ready for the best animal photography around? Send an email today and let's get started!