Pet Photographer

For the TOP Pet Photographer Near Evansville Call Paislee Rose Pet Photography!

If you have had a pet at some point in life, your phone is probably filled with candid snaps of them. We love our pets because they are part of the family and they share their love right back. Unfortunately, it can seem like the blink of an eye goes by and they are already fully grown.

For the pet owner looking to make memories that last, I would love to offer the best pet photographer services that residents in Wyoming can find!

Paislee Rose Photography Is the Best Pet Photographer Near Evansville!

When we talk about professional pet photography services, we are discussing so much more than a simple point-and-click affair. As a professional pet photographer, I have worked hard to cultivate a set of skills that works to properly showcase the animals that I photograph. The best photography will go far beyond a simple picture of our beloved pets, it will also show us something unique about the animal itself.

What Is Pet Photography?

Here at Paislee Rose Photography, I specialize in pet photography for dogs, puppies, and horses. Whether you are a breeder looking to get great shots of your newest litter or you simply want timeless shots of your beloved pet, my services can help you get to the photographs that you are looking for.

Why Should I Hire a Pet Photographer Near Me?

We've already touched briefly upon what a pet photographer does, but what are the primary reasons for you to consider this service? After all, can't you just snap a few photos of your litter to post online? While this is true, you will soon find out that there are a variety of reasons to consider a pro, first.

  • Build Equity With Your Business - If you are a breeder or cattle rancher, having great photographs of your animals can help facilitate faster transactions. When time is money, finding great buyers quickly should be a priority. My photography services have helped ranchers and pet owners of all backgrounds to get the promotional materials they need through stunning pet portraits.

  • Commemorate a Beloved Pet - Whether you have a dog or a pony, you have to know that they won't stay young forever. Dogs seemingly grow up in the blink of an eye and it can leave us wondering, "Where did the time go?" My professional pet photographer services will help you to immortalize a moment in time with your pet.

  • Enjoy Physical Prints - I also offer a variety of prints through my website. I am more than happy to help my clients gain access to prints so that they can properly display their new photographs wherever they desire.


As a born-and-raised resident of Wyoming, it would be my pleasure to assist with your pet photography needs!