All I Want For Christmas is...

Yesterday, I had a puppy session booked. Yes, I get paid to play with and take pictures of puppies! Its a great gig. What made it even better was that it was Christmas themed!

These corgi puppies were only 3 weeks old! They were so cute. They were the rolliest puppies ever. They tipped over so easy! I only spent about 20-30 minutes taking pictures. With puppies its easiest to take pictures when they are sleeping. I took some pictures of the puppies playing but once they fell asleep, the photoshoot was on.

We had set up a little photo area so that once the puppies fell asleep we could take pictures. We had a white rug and put some antlers, a little sled and a Santa hat as a little photo area. As each puppy fell asleep I would carefully scoop it up and lay it on the rug to take pictures. Then I moved it out of the way for the next sleeping puppy. After we got individual pictures, we moved them all onto the rug to get pictures as a group.

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