First Blog Post!

Wow! So much has happened so fast. Welcome to my blog!! First, I had my first event on Friday. I had so much fun at the Wyoming Women in Agriculture Symposium. The ladies there were so nice. I am definitely going to be attending more events so stay tuned. Secondly, I just added throw pillows to my website so if you are interested, head to my shop!

(This photo was taken at my booth at the Symposium! Both these pillows sold but I do still have the small one in the middle.)

So what is the deal with that cute calf on the cover?

Well, let's talk about what I did yesterday. My mom and I took a trip to Banner, Wyoming to pick up my new breeding heifer! Piper has a friend now. My little herd went from one to TWO! Meet Penelope!

Penelope in a registered Shorthorn heifer that was born in late May!

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